A DUI Charge Does Not Mean A DUI Conviction

Most of the people who come to the law firm of Stivers & Gramm, LLC because of driving under the influence charges see convictions as automatic. However, in Illinois, a DUI charge does not have to mean a DUI conviction.

All DUI Charges Are Not Created Equal

All DUI charges are not the same. Because we know every case is unique, you can expect individualized representation when you choose us for your DUI defense. We will examine the events that led to your charge from the initial traffic stop or accident to your breath or blood test to your arrest and booking. By doing so, we will ensure your arresting officer had probable cause and that he or she followed proper protocol throughout the process.

Answers To Your Basic Questions

We know that drunk driving charges, whether first or subsequent offenses, leave accused individuals with numerous questions. We also know our job is to provide answers. Some of the questions asked most often are:

  • Will I lose my license? — The answer to this question is maybe. In Illinois, the law allows the license suspension of an individual charged with DUI if the state's attorney has sufficient evidence. However, our attorney can help you challenge your license revocation by representing you at an administrative hearing.
  • Which penalties do I face? — The consequences of a DUI conviction vary greatly depending on whether you have previous DUI convictions, what your blood alcohol content was at the time of your arrest, whether you face a felony DUI, and whether you face additional DUI-related charges, such as those that stem from driving on a revoked license or involvement in an accident. During your consultation, our attorney can examine your situation and explain the possible penalties associated with your specific charge.
  • When should I have called you? — While this question may seem strange, many clients wait too long to call us. When this happens, they always ask when they should have called. The answer is always, "The sooner the better." When clients wait until after their administrative hearings or, in the worst cases, the nights before their court dates, they leave us with little time to build strong criminal defense strategies. When fighting any charge, time helps tremendously.

Get The Help You Need From Our Attorney

Whether you face your first DUI or you need our help to reinstate your driver's license, you can contact attorney Chris Gramm by calling 309-807-3726 or sending an email. During your free initial consultation at our law office in Bloomington, you can ask our lawyer the questions that have kept you awake at night and get honest answers delivered in plain English that you can understand.