A Criminal Defense Firm Dedicated To Justice

The law firm of Stivers & Gramm, LLC has one goal: to ensure justice prevails. In order to reach our goal, we work with our clients instead of simply working for them. When you choose our firm, you get a lawyer who will act as a buffer between you and the legal system.

Chris will take the time to fully understand your side of the story, and he will take the time to ensure you fully understand your legal options. With our help, you will not become a case number — you will remain an individual with rights.

A Lawyer With Experience On Both Sides Of The Courtroom

During Chris's years as a criminal prosecutor, he learned how the prosecution builds cases. Today, he uses that knowledge to organize strategies designed to respond directly to the prosecution.

In addition to knowing how to build a criminal defense plan, our attorney also knows how to fight in the courtroom. If your case needs to go to trial for justice to prevail, Chris will stand up for your rights.

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Now Is The Time To Begin

If you face a criminal charge in Illinois, now is the time to get started on your defense. To schedule your free initial consultation with Stivers & Gramm, LLC, call 309-807-3726 or email us. During your consultation at our law office in downtown Bloomington, you can learn about your legal options and get the answers you need to all of your charge-related questions.