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Home Of A Former Prosecutor And Aggressive Defender

At the law firm of Stivers & Gramm, LLC, we know the criminal justice system. Our founder, Chris H. Gramm, spent more than a decade at the McLean County State's Attorney's Office as a criminal prosecutor. When Mr. Gramm decided to make the move into private practice, he brought with him all of the experience he gained on the opposite side of the aisle.

Today, clients from Bloomington, McLean County and the surrounding areas in Central Illinois know to turn to him for all of their criminal defense needs. If you, too, want our experienced lawyer on your side, you can take advantage of our offer for a free initial consultation by calling 309-807-3726 or by emailing our office.

A Strong Criminal Defense For Any Charge

After 15 years of focusing on criminal law and multiple years as a prosecuting attorney, Chris Gramm knows how to fight any criminal charge. From underage consumption to the possession of drug paraphernalia to homicide, he can build a defense strategy tailored to fit your specific situation.

When you choose our firm, you will not only gain the assistance of an experienced attorney, but you will also gain the support of a valuable and dedicated ally. Chris Gramm understands the emotional turmoil that comes with criminal charges, which is why he will remain at your side, working diligently on your behalf, throughout the legal process.

Defending Your Rights After A DUI Charge

Even though driving under the influence is the most common charge faced by the people of Illinois, it is still terrifying for those who stand accused. At our firm, we understand the worries that accompany a DUI charge.

Attorney Chris Gramm understands the fear of losing your license, serving jail time and paying fines you cannot afford. Fortunately, he also knows how to build a DUI defense strategy aimed at tearing down the prosecution's case. Whether you face a first-time DUI, a felony DUI or any charge in between, our attorney will fight for you.


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